On most days I wake up in the morning and feel super content in my life. All my desired have not been fulfilled, at times I wonder where I can do more, and challenges still show up every single week. 

Yet the overall flavor is still that of contentment. 

Its really not rocket science but so many people forget how simple happiness is. A compilation of data recently illuminated four major elements in people that feel joyful about their lives. 

1. Focusing on what is working and looking for the good in every day life. 

2. Being able to ride the waves when life's inevitable challenges unfold. 

3. Cultivating strong relationships with other human beings. 

4. Pursuing meaningful goals that fill personal desire but also ripple out to make a positive impact for the rest of society. 

Which one of these four are you an expert? Which one do you need to invest more time in? 

One small step. What are you waiting for?

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