When I hear the words ‘All Natural’ I think of farmlands, mountains, flowers, and fresh veggies. Food that is close to its source and has been minimally processed.

Sadly, when I am at the grocery store–even health food stores–whenever I see this infamous label, I always get a bit suspicious.

The bottom line is, that the phrase ‘all natural’ is not regulated by anyone. Food companies can add practically anything to their products and still use this misleading label.

Just because a product ingredient began its journey close to nature before massive processing does not mean everyone should be happy.

The only two exceptions to this scam are ‘natural flavor’, which denotes the flavoring had to be derived from an herb, spice, or veggie and ‘natural meat’, indicating no added colors or artificial flavors were used. What it doesn’t guarantee is ethical treatment of animals and the land.

To give credit where credit is due–sort of–Skippy peanut butter uses sugar instead of corn syrup in its natural version. A round of applause please!

Or not. Peanuts are one of the most sprayed crops on the market, sugar is still heavily processed, the palm oil they use just doesn’t need to be there–peanuts have sufficient oil on their own–and conventional salt is refined beyond belief.

For an extra $1 or two, why not go all the way and buy an organic version that on the label simply reads 'dry roasted organic peanuts'.

Spread the word, especially to those who are newer to the health food world. They are often the ones most susceptible and forget to read the full list of ingredients being masked by the more visible and seductive ‘all natural’ scam.