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What comes to mind when you hear the word 'anger' ?

For most the word is associated as a negative, as something to be avoided, as a scary emotion that has the potential to lead to violence. But what more does it hold?

Over these last election months I have had moments of annoyance when reading stories about how elected public officials where trying to pass laws to make it harder for minorities, elders, and the youth to vote. Voter ID laws, reduction of early voter hours, and confusion all around.

A few days before the election my annoyance tipped to disgust and anger when I heard that the Governar of Florida cut early voting hours in half, and people where waiting in five to eight hour lines.

I felt my blood boil, partly because this year was the first year I could vote in the US and I feel like it is one of the most precious gifts. Regardless of wealth or influence, on this one day everyone gets a fair shot and equal chance to have their voice heard.

I found anger to be a powerful and life enhancing emotion, it was an indicator of what I labeled as injustice, it showed me I am alive, that I care, that there is something of high enough value that seems mis-aligned that I want to do something about it, to create change.

Next time you are aggravated, outraged, or incensed notice if its worthwhile, does your anger point to something worth fighting for?