Cancer is one of the most formidable diseases we as a western culture are dealing with today, with four out of every ten people predicted to be diagnosed.

In relationship to this disease, instead of only focusing only how to heal the sick, modern medicine is finally beginning to look at those that are not effected and/or those that are able to heal with greater ease.

Contrary to popular belief, even though 'family history' is an important factor to be aware of, it is lifestyle, environment & nutrition that will determine whether or not cancer breaks out and spreads. In a sense we all have cancer cells in our body. The key is our ability to boost our natural defenses and keep those cells from wrecking havoc.

Interestingly the cancer epidemic started in the 1940's when processed foods and chemical toxin exposure increased dramatically. Data also points out that the highest rates of cancers are in 'modern' western nations.

Cancer occurs when normal functioning cells turn into abnormal cells and begin to multiply at an uncontrollable rate. The body which normally can maintain equilibrium by eradicating abnormal cells is overwhelmed and is unable to maintain the balance.

In order to support our healthy cells to thrive it is vital to know what stimulates cancer growth, here are five main factors:

1. S-U-G-A-R: the average American consumes over 150 pounds of sugar per year. White sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners throw the internal chemistry fo the body into a tizzy, creating more acidity, blood sugar imbalance, reduced immune function particularly due to sugar's impact on the gut. Furthermore, sugar is the fuel that helps cancer cells thrive and multiply.

2 . OIL IT BABY: rancid, refined (yes including canola oil), low quality fats create free-radicals which feed cancer cells. Most foods we eat are corn/soy based which are high in omega 6 (even animals eat corn/soy and no green grass which has omega 3's). Omega 3's reduce inflammation and feed the brain, low levels reduce overall body vitality.

3 . SPRAY THOSE GERMS: chemicals, chemicals, chemicals. In your kitchen cupboard, in your food, in your water, in your air, in your car. Is anyone really surprised about cancer with all these toxins around us? Chemicals burden the immune system, deplete the liver, throw off the endocrine system and block repair of essential body systems. Whatever you eat, breathe, and put on your skin goes into your blood and into the body.

4 . BUT I HAVE TO WATCH: I'll go for a bike ride tomorrow; I'll do yoga next week; I have too much work/a tv show/a social engagement. Sound familiar? The less we move the more oxidized, inflamed and acidic our body becomes (cancer cells love this). Through movement you can circulate fresh blood, oxygen , and immune bolstering T cells to clean out the cells.

5 . TTYL: the human being is a social animal that needs connection with friends and loved ones. On average people in America move once every five years, which leads to a collapse of social networks. Family and friends help buffer stress and offer support during challenging times. The physical body (heart rate, blood pressure, inflammation) shows more resilience when we are in the company of those we love.

Choose one of these areas to begin to Commit to 1 action.

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