Flying always tends to leave me feeling a bit off balance, but a 30+ hour trip half way around the world is for sure a recipe for a added yuck.

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings since returning from India I woke up with a racing heart beat of anxiety.

My mind charged into a full blown gallop of meaning, purpose, finances, structure, future, work, relationships, and a 1000 other topics.

My body felt tense as my breath shortened and any thoughts of stopping the hurricane only amplified the experience.

Anxiety is very different then daily stress as it can literally feel like you are spinning out of control with no end in site. It often feels like the mind and body join forces in a vicious scheme to create airiness and instability.

Alas, there are always ways to reground and trust that this too shall pass. A few stratagies when an anxious state comes your way.

1. Get into your body and move, walk, run, yoga, or dance. The idea is to move energy from the ethereal nature of the mind into the whole landscape of the body.

2. Write it down in a journal, talk to a friend, draw your feelings in a sketch book, yell, hit a pillow and find any other way to get the spinning out.

3. Use the what if exercise (with a positive reframe at the end) to remind yourself you are skillful and could handle any situation. What if I only earned $10,000 next year (I would find a way to reduce my expenses), what if I am never in a relationship (no way, I have a ton to offer), what if I don't find a new place to live in time (I can get resourceful and stay with a friend until I find my place) etc.

4. Eat clean food, reduce sugar, caffeine white flour products, and processed junk products.

5. Increase your intake of nervous system supporting calcium, magnesium and B-complex vitamins. Explore using Kava Kava for a brief stint and/or use Rodeola Rosea to ensure your adrenal glands are getting added juice.

6. Take a bath with Epsom Salts to relax your body and book an appointment for massage and acupuncture.

7. Spend time in nature and plant your feet into the real earth/sand to ground.