In case you didn't know where cell phones and then smart phones came from, it was Star Trek!

Way back even in the first series Captain Kirk carried a little communicator that flipped open and in later series we were introduced to the tricorder, a device used for gathering data and scanning medical patients.

Today we have smart phones and the potential they offer is infinite.

Yoga after all is invested in skillful participation and engagement with life so whatever makes that process simpler is always welcome with open arms.

While I have only had my iPhone for a bit over a year I have come across a few powerful apps that support me in healthy living, ease, and care for the environment.

  • Waze: An ingenious traffic app developed in Israel (my homeland) this ingenious helper turns traffic into a social network. It uses data from each one of its users and encourages passengers in cars to report traffic jams and accidents. It can give you a huge heads up and will reroute if there are unexpected slow downs. 

  • Lumosity: I love computer games but don't play them too often these days. Lumosity provides little games that actually help train your brain's memory, attention, and focus capability. Watch yourself improve over time.
  • PaperKarma: Is your junk mail piling up? Paper Karma is amazing, just take a picture of your junk mail using the app and their system works on your behalf to make sure that unwanted catalog, credit card offer, or special offer never comes back!
  • SeafoodWatch: Eating fish is a healthy choice but not when you don't know whether the fish was farmed or is full of mercury. This app is simple. Type in the name of your fish and you'll get all the info you need to make the healthiest choice.
  • iRecycle: Find where and when you can drop off and responsibly dispose of or recycle hazardous materials, paint, electronics, batteries, and much much more!
  • DirtyDozen: Do you forget which fruits and veggies are heavily sprayed and which ones are not. Keep this handy list when you shop.
  • EatWellGuide: I wish I could recommend a great app to help find healthy restaurants but I haven't found one yet but there is a trick here that you can use. On the iPhone go to the webpage of eatwellguide on Safari, then follow these directions to create a shortcut button that will directly take you to this page when you click it. Enter your zip code and find out what's healthy near by.

I am sure there are many more amazing apps and many more to come. Hopefully we will continue to see amazing ingenuity that can bolster our health, support the planet, and enhance our ability to skillful engage with life!