War is a terrible thing, which tends to create even more distance, fear, and hate between people, who at the end of the day are simply people. 

Food is a wonderful thing, which tends to bring people together to celebrate, replenish, and take part in nature's bounty. 

I've always found it interesting that what is called an Israeli salad is also known as an Arab salad. 

The base ingredients of tomatoes, persian cucumbers, olive oil, lemon, salt (use sea salt please), pepper and either parsley, mint or both are the same (at times I add a bit of flare with red or yellow bell peppers, pitted green olives, middle eastern pickles (easy to find at any Israeli or Arab store), and heat of palm).

Simple, cooling, hydrating, alkalizing, and extremely tasty. 

So stop fighting, make peace, remember we are all composed out of the same stardust, and have some Arab-Israeli Salad.