This is my 5th trip to this most precious land named India. Every time I come here I am reminded why I return again and again.

It’s a mix of a rude awakening, immense humor, and unending warmth that reminds me to appreciate the diverse flavors of my human path.

So how do you know you’re in India?

  • When you get off the plane a wonderful scent awaits, not good or bad, simply distinctly India.
  • With in a split second of walking out of the airport doors a professional dressed man will make friendly conversation, offer to take you to a guesthouse for a very reasonable price, and will ignore the fact you just told him you are simply walking over to the domestic terminal.
  • Your domestic flight will depart from the international terminal.
  • When boarding your plane at the assigned gate the digital screen will say a different airline and a different destination, even though you are at the right gate.
  • You might need to show your BOARDING pass when you exit the plane.
  • You put your carryon through a scanning machine and walk through a metal detector after immigration and before baggage claim and customs.
  • A two-lane road the size of a one-way road really serves as three lanes—the third lane which appears at driver’s discretion, is used for passing.
  • You will see mileage signs one after the other that say 11km, 12km, and then 9.5km heading towards your destination.
  • When arriving at where you are staying you will be welcomed by the most authentic warm smiles ever!
  • Sweet children will want you to take their picture and then show them the picture. 
  • The bright colors are everywhere from clothing, buildings, and flowers, India is alive! 
  • You will be in taste bud heaven after your first pineapple juice, fresh papaya, and real authentic curry.
  • When negotiating a taxi ride or buying anything at a shop be prepared to be overcharged by 300%, walk away and all of a sudden the prices start to tumble. 
  • The town you took a train to 'Trivandrum' has two train stations, which are at two different locations but each are called 'Trivandrum'. 

The joys of India are never ending and I have had some of my greatest learnings of compassion, patience, letting go, and simply going with the flow and richness of life.

To many more journeys! Namaste.