Yesterday I got one of my royal two hours massages and as always it was amazing! I know, I am very very spoiled. 

As I laid on the massage table an interesting experience unfolded. It started when I recognized I was cold. 

My first thought was my body temperature will rise but it didn't. 

What's odd is I am very comfortable with my massage therapist, I don't think of myself as someone who doesn't speak up for my needs, and I knew the table had an electric pad on it which would be easy to turn on. 

I was paralyzed, unable to ask for what it was I truly needed in that moment. 

I was observing, aware, fully conscious, and at the same time stuck. I wonder where else in my life this happens?

Luckily even though I didn't speak up, quantum physics was on my side (aka lila). 

About 40 minutes in, my masseur said he forgot to ask me if I wanted the heating pad turned on and would I want him to turn it on now.

I was very happy to hear the words YES come out of my mouth.

Where do you get stuck asking for what it is you need in your life?