On Friday night I went out to dinner with a few friends and violated many of my normal health rules. The first piece of food didn’t enter my mouth until about 9:45pm, I drank wine on a mostly empty stomach, had some champagne, and continued to eat until about 11pm.

After feeling full and slightly tipsy (it doesn’t take much) we headed out to another place to dance for a bit. It was super fun! I ended up staying up late and getting home at about 2:30am.

I had to work the next morning, and before going to bed I was convinced that the next day would be terrible with only 5 hours of sleep.

Oddly, the next morning I woke up with a ton of energy and the rest of the day flowed smoothly.

I thought ... how often do I imprison myself in my rules of what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’?

Yes, most of the time my boundaries keep me healthy, happy, and energized, but once in a while ‘being bad’ or ‘breaking the rules’ is exactly what I need in order to thrive.

Where in your life would ‘being bad’ serve your freedom and expression?

If you always answer your emails right away, take 24 hours to reply.

If you have consistent food rules, break them once in a while.

If you’re active every day, take one day to be super lazy, watch movies, and don’t move from the couch.

Get creative in pushing your own belief system of what is good and bad.