I mostly eat foods that don't come out of packages but lets face it, I live in the modern world. With more travel I tend to buy more energy bars.

But with thousands of options to choose from which ones are the healthiest choice?

The key is a few high quality ingredients vs. the thousands found in so many. Stick to the Holy Question: how far away from the source?

Especially avoid Soy Protein Isolate, sugar, and other odd substances that are produced in a lab (sorry luna bar).

Here are a few of my favorites. If you are entering a busy time in your life consider buying bars in bulk on Amazon, to save some $.

  • Kits Organic: This is a new line by Cliff bar. Its organic and uses 4-6 ingredients in each one. Super tasty. I am addicted to the peanut butter one which is the highest protein offering at 6g.
  • Macro Bar: Simple, tasty, and sweetened with brown rice syrup. Cherries and berries so so tasty! If you are needing protein they have two options with 10-13g.
  • Skout Trailbar: Similar to a LaraBar but with all organic ingredients. Don't forget to chew 30 times per bite and savor!
  • GoodOnYa: A tasty bar with 10g of protein, I like the Peanut Butter honey flavor as it doesn't have any cane sugar. The other two options have chocolate in them, wich is tasty, but adds a bit of the cane to the mix.
  • 22Days: Some flavors have chocolate with cane sugar but otherwise they use clean ingredients. 

If you have other healthy energy bars you love (no sugar/cane sugar please), please share!