Brazil nuts

What do most people do when they encounter the Brazil nut in a mix of other nuts? You guessed it, they take it out. The poor nut more than often gets excommunicated from the party. 

Why such discrimination? Well I can't say that I blame the average person, Brazil nuts are intense. Their flavor is overwhelming and they tend to overshadow the other players in the mix like an adolescent high school bully. 

The other night I went to a lovely cooking class and unbeknownst to me my life was about to change. As I walked into the room hungry, I was excited to see a bowl of popcorn sprinkled with a mysterious cheese like crumble waiting for me at my seat. 

I took a handful and started chomping. My tastebuds where in heaven. It really tasted like cheese, but there was no dairy in this little concoction. 

The Brazil nut had gotten a makeover. Grating it changed everything.

From a  dominant flavor it turned into a delicate delight. And the truffle salt mixed in didn't hurt either.

I was amazed how such a little shift could change the whole equation.

Imagine if everyone had this kind of first encounter with this misfit nut. It might become their best friend and for good reason.

Brazil nuts are high in selenium which support healthy thyroid functioning and also serves as a co-factor for one of the body's most important cleansers (glutathione). It is also high in vitamin E which translates into skin health and has "good fat" to help lower LDL cholesterol. 

So next time you encounter the Brazil nut, get out your grater, mix it with some sea salt and/or dried herbs to create an amazing topping for popcorn, salads, or anything else your heart desires. 

Welcome back Mr. Brazil, it's time for you to step into the limelight and show 'em what you've got!