Vitamin C is particularly in order during the colder season to help the immune system fight off a potential cold or flu.
This essential vitamin is not only important for the immune system but also crucial for skin, hair, cardiovascular health, eye support, and to aid the body during distress. 
The important question that many people aren't asking is where they are getting their C. 
Conventional supplements are produced with Ascorbic Acid which kills good bacteria in your gut and is very far away from the source (read more here).
Orange juice is also not an ideal choice as its loaded with sugar, lacks fiber, and most brands are made from pasteurized concentrate.
Oranges are a better choice but there are many more players in the game that actually pack a much more potent punch. 
  • Papaya: great for digestion and packs around 83mg a cup
  • Cauliflower: yummy as an alternative potato mash, add salt pepper and olive oil has 108mg of C per cup
  • Kiwi: cut in half and scoop out with a spoon to get 137mg a cup
  • Red Pepper: steam, eat raw with pesto or hummus, or stuff and bake for 190mg per cup
  • Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and strawberries all have more vitamin C then oranges

But wait there is one more STAR that has joined us for this gathering.

A berry form the Amazon called Camu Camu packs 408mg of C per tea spoon.

Sprinkle the powder in your smoothie or over yogurt and let your body sing on the inside.

Read more  about the benefits of Camu Camu and this winter season use high quality C to support your body to stay vital!