The chia pet was a very popular idea many years ago and today chia is getting a whole new appreciation in western culture.

Chia seeds come fromt a plant in the mint family, where used as warrior food in the Mayan and Aztec times, and are full of high quality nutrients.

They offer a vegetarian form of Omega 3, don't go rancid as quick as flax, have a ton of fiber, and provide calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc to name a few.

When added to liquid and allowed to sit for 30 minutes or so the seeds will form a gel which has been shown to support digestion and blood sugar regulation.

Add more Chia into your LIFE:
-Throw a few scoops in your favorite smoothie.
-Combine a 2 tablespoon of chia seeds, maple syrup or dates and yogurt or coconut milk to make a simple tasty pudding.
-Add seeds to soup to thicken.
-Sprinkle some seeds on granola or salad.
-Add chia to your favorite fruit juice and mix.