One thing that hasn't changed since I started eating healthy food, is my desire for delectable luscious sweets. 

While I never deprive myself, what I have committed to, is creating sweet treats that nourish my whole being, not just by mind at the cost of my body. 

The other day I was scouring my kitchen for something tasty. The only thing I was clear on was a desire for some sort to cream consistency. 

I was out of yogurt and didn't have any cream, but I did have some coconut milk in the fridge saved in a jar--I use it in my smoothies at times. 

I looked up online how to make coconut cream, and found that if coconut milk sits in the fridge for 24 hours it begins to separate.

I took out my jar and indeed it was true. I poured the liquid out into another jar and was left with amazing whipped cream. 

My mind then started rolling. I took out a bowl, cut up a banana, scooped in two tablespoons of fresh--yes its messy and takes too much time--pomegranate seeds, a teaspoon of local raw mango infused honey, my coconut cream, and finished it off with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice (the cinnamon and fat from the coconut cream balance out the sugar from the fruit and honey to not throw blood sugar levels way off).

All I can say, is that first bite was absolute, HEAVEN!!! 

Please indulge responsibly :)