While I absolutely love having a vision board/collage in my room. I repeatedly experience the same process when its time to revamp what it is I am working with on my path. 

The first step is extremely fun as I spend days with random magazines and see what images draw me in.

The next part of the process is where the experience of HELL begins. 

As a Virgo I want my collage process to be done in a brief 10 minutes, but the reality is that it takes so much more time. 

I start placing the images on one part of my board, I combine backgrounds, notice color patterns, experiment with how the words fit in or don't, and throughout the process I notice endless frustration. 

The mess, the desire for it to be finished and orderly, and my all time favorite the reality that I can't power through to get it done. 

The collage above took me over a week. Each day  I had to stop when I recognized my frustration was overpowering my ability to stay in a creative flow. 

What I love about this hellish process is that it reminds me of life, especially when I embark on a new endeavor.

All of the same feelings show up and at this point in my life I've learned I have to employ the same tools.

  • Take one step at a time
  • Know when to step back and take a break
  • And trust, trust, trust

Both in the collage and in life a day always comes where everything starts to line up:  the images fit just right, I feel connected and calm, and one action ripples into the next. 

Who said resistance can't be  a teacher? And sometimes a little bit of Hell is just the Dr. ordered.