Over the last few weeks with moving and my mom being in town I have been eating out more and cooking less.

I love going out for food as I most often tend to be a food Nazi and only go to restaurants that are serving yummy healthy foods.

Yesterday as I woke up in the morning I was inspired by one of my roommates who was cooking veggies and greens. I got out my food processor and made tasty Pesto (secret ingredient is a bit of tahini, makes much more pesto without having to buy an acre of basil leaves). 

In the afternoon I headed down to the kitchen for round two. I cooked some quinoa, baked gold and purple beets, and sautéed leeks and green onion. For dinner I mixed these with olive oil, lemon, sea salt, pepper, and fresh goat cheese.

Even though both of these creations where extremely delectable for my taste buds it was actually the act of cooking that felt most nourishing.

Touching the basil leaves, cutting the beets, pouring the olive oil, taking in the aromas of everything mixing together, and savoring the colors.

It seems that at times cooking has become a chore within the context of our busy modern lifestyle. In reality cooking can help distress, be utilized as a meditation, and can also bring people (parents and kids, roomates, friends and partners) together.

Make a commitment to carve out at least one day a week of spacious cooking time, to savor, connect, and simply enjoy.