After a very pleasant Sunday meal it was time to go home and get some rest.

My friend and I took the elevator down from our other friend's place and started walking to our cars. 

Suddenly, I realized I had forgot my cell phone upstairs. 

The friend with me asked if I wanted him to call our other friend, but I declined, as earlier that day I used the intercom successfully. 

When I got to the intercom and rang the line was busy. I tried it again but nothing. I waited for a moment and called again. 

After eight times of hearing the busy signal I noticed a slight frustration starting to arise in my usually mellow self. 

I began to run through my options. 

I could yell upstairs, find something light to throw at his window, ask the people at the restaurant downstairs if they had a key to the side door, or...

I had a thought. The front door works on a buzzer which retracts the locking mechanism, so in theory the old movie trick of using a card to push the locking mechanism back might work. 

I was feeling a sense of excitement as I embarked on a brief moment of being a secret agent. 

I took my car 2 go membership card and stuck it in the door. Moved it up and down, side to side, and boom, the door opened. 

I went upstairs retrieved my phone and was on my way.

I love it when instead of frustration I can remember how to use my resourcefulness, even when its technically a little criminal.