Have you ever noticed that around 3pm in the afternoon you begin to feel a bit of a slump? 

When it happens, many people reach for a cup of coffee,  sugary chocolate bar, or another sweet treat to provide an injection of energy.

Sadly, these substances provide fake fuel, providing temporary relief but in the process throwing the internal chemistry of the body out of whack.

What would actually serve you better is to close your eyes and take a brief nap, as what is occurring in your brain at around 3pm is exactly what is supposed to be happening. 

John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist notes: "Napping is normal. Ever feel tired in the afternoon? That’s because your brain really wants to take a nap. There's a battle raging in your head between two armies. Each army is made of legions of brain cells and biochemicals–-one desperately trying to keep you awake, the other desperately trying to force you to sleep. Around 3 p.m., 12 hours after the midpoint of your sleep, all your brain wants to do is nap."












Instead of coffee or the sugary snack, put your legs up the wall, listen to soothing music, and cover your eyes to add a bit of darkness. Even 5-10 minutes will provide a boost of energy (be mindful to not nap for too long 30 minutes max, to avoid disrupting night sleep patterns).

Make it an office wide event. 

It seems that even though our ancestors didn't have scientific insight on how the brain functions, they sure knew the importance of the afternoon siesta.