With the amount of flights I have been on in my life I have to say that all in all I have pretty good luck when flying. Yesterday was a day when things didn't really go my way. Email by email I received alerts that my 5:15 flight was delayed; first by an hour, then three, then four, and so on.

When we got on our plane six hours later and then where asked to get back off the plane while they found an aircraft without mechanical trouble it all turned humorous.

In this time of being held up I undoubtedly was reminded of a few things:

1. Sometimes things don't line up to make life easy.
2. Random acts of kindness pop up in frustrating situations.
3. Airport workers have a damn tough job.
4. Art is everywhere.
5. A dark corner, hard floor, and thirty minutes of sleep feel like a diamond in the rough.
6. Quality friends are the backbone of life.
7. Sometimes its just easier to soften, and go with the flow.

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