Green Cleanse Drink

I love being in India but one of the side effects of tasty oily Indian food, constant sweating, and an overconsumption of seductive fried tasty treats, is the wonderful protrusions on my face. 

When the body's systems begin to get clogged up its time to reset with a simple detox.

Its also Spring time which is a perfect season to help your body jumpstart and get rid of any winter stagnation.  

While there are many ways to cleanse it is vital to create protocols that don't add stress to your life. 

Be realistic and remember that a few commitments done consistently well are much better than many actions you don't actually adhere to. 

1. Choose to detox for 7, 10, or 14 days. 

2. Take a break from sugar, caffeine, and chicken, beef, and dairy. 

3. Eat more vegan meals with an emphasis on foods that are more alkalizing (look at this chart at low, medium, and most alkalizing foods)

4. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and feel free to add fresh grated ginger, fennel, or detox tea blends. 

5. Add supplements:

As you embark on your detox make a commitment to journal, spend time in nature, get a massage or two, find a way to sweat through a hot yoga class or sauna, and remember that during a cleanse sometimes things get WORST before they get better. 

Especially if you are addicted to sugar and caffeine know that headaches, bowl pains, irritability, and low energy might come for a visit.
Stay the course and relief should arrive 5-7 days into your detox protocol.
To a fresh start!