If you ever visit Israel, one of the most memorable aspects of this little country is the farmer's market style fruits and veggies found everywhere.

Tasty, fresh, and very nutritious!

One morning during my visit I went for a run in the hot sun filled landscape. On my return I was caving something cooling and fresh.

While I love juice, I am sensitive to sugar and prefer to get my fiber when consuming fruit.

I decided to experiment by blending one red apple, one plum, half a lemon juiced, and 1/4 cup of water all together.  

What came out was raw apple sauce, sweet with a bit of tang. Absolutely delicious.

According to Michael Greger M.D. apples can help reduce breast, oral, colon, and ovarian cancer--but keep the peel on! Apples seem to be full of antioxidants, are antimutagenic, anti-inflammatory, and help bolster the immune system. 

Apples are now in their harvest season so stock up and make raw (or if you wish cook and can) sauce.