When it comes to evaluations they usually seem to arise at the end of something.
Let us know how your stay was, your flight, your meal, or even your yoga experience at a studio.  
At our training in India last year my friend Coby and I made the decision to not give an evaluation at the end of the month long experience.
Why wait? The reality is that our thoughts are never really private, we are energy beings who impact the world in every moment. 
When people sit on something, stew, spin stories, and brew feelings its felt in the field. Its like poison slowly seeping out.
Its the reason we teach conscious communication and invite people to call out the elephant in the room in order to realign a situation for the better. 
When we sit on something and pretend to act a certain way on the outside, when on the inside its not really true, there is a lack of integration in what we think, feel, say and do. 
What would happen if for one day you bought in to this idea that your thoughts are not really private? What would you notice about the habit patterns of your mind? How might you source more compassion? And would you step up and have the difficult conversation with someone in your life when you get triggered?
What type of energetic imprint are you leaving behind?
Sadly your thoughts are no longer private. I know bummer!