Yesterday I went out on my deck, rolled out my mat, and dove into an hour of personal practice time. It was wonderful to move my body after the long weekend and remember how yoga actually does work in freeing up tightness and tension.

When it was time for savasana, I bundled up with my favorite – yes I am attached – light wool blanket I acquired in India on my first trip there in 2004. As I laid down, something was missing. It was my beloved eye pillow.

Eye pillows are an absolute treasure; I feel like we need a revolution in the yoga world to remind teachers and students alike to actually use them.

With an eye pillow present, savasana goes from a wonderful experience to absolutely positively stellar, with little sprinkles on top.

Eye pillows create darkness, which sends a signal to the mind to induce the body into deeper relaxation.

The light pressure of the eye pillow also gently stimulates accupressure points which promote eye health and help relax strained muscles that contract from heavy digital screen usage.

Finally, many eye pillows are stuffed with lavender, which is an aroma that helps soothe and relax the physical body.

So what are you waiting for? Start an eye pillow revolution!

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