In 2009 when I travelled with my teacher Douglas Brooks to India he told our whole group how going to the temples in India is like meditating with your eyes open.

I love meditating with my eyes closed and going within, so I was intrigued as I had never heard anyone in the yoga world offer this type of invitation.

I resonated with this idea and slowly saw how it fit the Tantric philosophy I have and continue to study.

Rajanaka Tantra is all about being in the world and savoring the gift of life. The teachings tell us that we have 100 or so years in this precious human experience, so why waste it on trying to liberate or transcend.

When you die you'll go back to source energy, for at least a moment, before you manifest as another strand in the diversity of life, so relish what you have in this human world now.

This morning as I woke up at my sister's home in Los Angeles this concept really hit home as I took my 7 week old nephew and put him on my lap.

He had his eyes open, looking around, making noises, moving his limbs, simply being. I sat there as the minutes rolled on and time dissipated, my mind spacious, my heart tender, meditating with my eyes open.

How precious this sacred life really is.