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Many people in my life know that I am a sugar nazi (to read why click here) and some believe I am a bit too extreme, but after watching this documentary I am even more fired up. 

What is going on around us every single day is absolutely barbaric and criminal.

Profit is being prioritized over the lives and health of so many, and the saddest part is that kids are being affected most.  

Every part of the broken system ensures that eating healthy is a challenging uphill battle, but there is HOPE! 

Society came together and stood up against the tobacco industry--which argued relentlessly that their products were safe--and we are seeing the same pattern emerge today as food companies battle to ensure the public stays disempowered and confused about how to eat right.  

Please spread the word on this film. Every school teacher, principle, doctor, politician, and child should watch this and get inspired to take action.  

The Documentary Web Site also has amazing resources even if you already eat healthy. And beware, SUGAR is even lurking in all your "healthy foods." Yes evaporated can juice and raw sugar are better options, but they can create just as much havoc in the body if not combined with other more blood stabilizing foods and if they are used in excess.  

Just because a product is carried at your Co-Op, whole foods, or farmer's market doesn't mean it has your best interest in mind. 

It is time to stand up and say enough is enough! 

To watch the documentary get on iTunes/Apple TV or click here only $3.99