architect gas firepit outdoor fireplace

On my recent trip to Seattle my friend Bruce and I went out to a gay bar called Pony. 
The usual occurrence at these fine establishments is that men stay in conversation with their own clique and seldom venture out to converse with others around them. 
Who knows perhaps its primal. Stick to your tribe and stay safe. 
Well Pony had a little secret on their deck which changed the way the game is played. 
Fire pit. Back to the primal theme. I being a person that is always cold approached the fire pit where others where already gathered. 
Seconds later we were in conversation. When the first group left another group of men gathered around the fire and a new conversation took birth. 
This continued several more times. 
I was fascinated and excited how one tiny shift made it so much easier for myself and others to break free of the comfort zone and open the door for possibility. Friendships, potential love connections, and nourishing conversation. 
So ancient, so primal, so simple. Fire pit. 
Who would have guessed it would be making a comeback from the caveman days.