Today as we do every year we took time to visit several temples and immerse more in what is a daily ritual for many Indians. 

What I love about going to temple is what I love so much about Indian culture, its rich! 

Colorful lotus flower ceilings, oil lamps, a sweet fragrance of incense, an array of garland flower petals, and vibrant deities which each symbolize a specific energy in nature serving as a conduit of connection in the day-to-day. 

How can I bring this initiation of life back home?

Lighting a candle?
Ringing a bell?
A sprinkle of water on my head?
Taking time to smell a fragrant flower?
Burning incense?
Looking at a picture of family?
Gazing at a bright image of a deity to help me remember?

In the west we have rituals, but do they serve us to feel truly connected or are they simply giving a momentary jolt of fake vitality?

When I feel full and connected I want to grow, I want to step into the light, I want to flourish!