I feel so so blessed that I have the privilege to guide people through the yoga experiences. Yesterday in the Teacher Training I am leading in St. Louis at Yoga Six I guided the students through a chakra flow. After we explored  Ajna Chakra, the center of insight and intuition, the students paused in seated diamond with a soft gaze. 

Myself and another teacher came into the center of the mandala circle and rested in child pose. This piece of music began playing in the background as we both connected to our breath, listened, and moved in an organic way.

Flowing with the wisdom of prana is a practice I was introduced to in my time at Kripalu and what an amazing practice it is.

The ability to move in a meditation in motion is a vulnerable, intimate, and extremely nourishing experience. It invites deep trust in knowing that what is needed will unfold. 

Get on your mat, turn this beautiful piece of music on, breathe deeply, listen, and flow.

What do you have to loose?