Over the last couple of weeks three incidents have come up where a door seemed closed at first sight, but something from within begged me to knock again.

I have been looking for a new place to live and one of the housing options that came up was way out of my price range but looked pretty, spacious, and in the center of town. I decided to email the owner and ask if there was another cheaper room in the house, and who would have guessed, there was, even though it wasn't listed online.

In another housing incident I found another place seemed right, emailed, hadn't heard back, and then realized the day I emailed was the day the post expired. On the post the cross streets were listed and using google's magical street view I found the house. My plan was to drive there and put a note in the mailbox about my interest just in case the room hadn't rented.

When I was snooping on google I found a name and business that one of the people living there is running. I googled the woman's name and found her email, so instead of driving I sent an email and heard back. The room is being rented for a month, which might be perfect as I need to move in about a month.

Finally, I feel like I am still trying to meet people and build a social circle here in San Diego so I wrote to a friend I recently met asking when was the next games night (I had attended one before I left for India and it was super fun). He replied letting me know when the games night was but with no further info (I assume he was going to invite me the next day), but I decided to be more proactive and I wrote back 'do you have room for one more?' He wrote back saying of course!

I know in my life it is so easy to give up when a doorway seems blocked or closed, but I am glad I have it in me to knock at least once more...and sometimes again, and then again. After the third time of NO! I'll let it go :)

Where in your life are their places where an initial 'no' might turn into a gateway of possibility?

Sometimes its time to simply go for it!!!