It was Tuesday midday and time for lunch once more. I dove into my fridge to create something from my dwindling yet present supply of fresh veggies.

I knew I wanted a fresh salad.

The base was lettuce, followed by a sliced green onion. Snap peas were next, and then half an avocado, raw sweet corn, a few slices of a garden fresh tomato and fresh sprouts.

Something was missing. Hazelnuts caught my eye and before I knew it they were being toasted on my cast iron pan.

Now it was time for a dressing.

The white miso was whispering to me, 'please pick me'. I placed a teaspoon of paste, two tbs of water, 3tbs of olive oil, and a sprinkle of black pepper in a jar and the shaking began. Boom, a dressing was made!

All was happy in the land of tasty food.

p.s. hazelnuts are full of vitamin E for cell protection and have plenty of iron and magnesium.