This morning I got up at what seems to be my wake up call of 6am regardless of when I go to sleep. I knew my morning plans included a run, but because it was a bit chilly outside I decided to wait until a bit later.

Once I made the decision to postpone my jog I realized I was a bit hungry but I know my body well, if I eat anything no matter how small before I move, I get sick.

One would think that after experiencing this many times over and over I would learn or be mor adamant to abstain, but no, that would be way too easy. So I had a light morning snack.

An hour an a half passed and it was time to suite up and run. Half way into my jog I felt pretty good and I thought I might be able to claim victory. Nope, ten minutes later the old familiar nauseous feeling of the digestive process in mid stream leaped in. I slowed down and walked the rest of the way home.

Luckily compassion was present, maybe next time I will do it differently...or not.

Here we go again.