Touch me, touch me, touch me. Yes please!

In a culture of getting things done and 'no time' it seems that the fundamental human need for touch is often put on the back burner. Human beings in the western world are often considered touch deprived, which with it carries serious health repercussions.

The other day a student from teacher training mentioned the impact and healing she had experienced from even the simplest touch during class.

Many people know the importance of physical connection for infants--which improves healthy physical and mental development--yet around our teens touch starts to become taboo, especially for men.

In other cultures like India, it is beautiful to see men of all ages holding hands or hugging. Their connection does not indicate if they are gay or straight, but simply fills a basic human need.

Making contact with another being has been shown to lower blood pressure, decrease aggression, and increase the functionality of our immune system.

Yoga is a wonderful place to experience this healing modality.

If you are a teacher who shies away from hands on assists, remember that even a hand placed on the sacrum in child pose or a soft connection on shoulders in mountain, has a huge ripple effect. Find other teachers or friends to practice 'feel good' assists on, so you can offer touch to your students. In addition to loving them up it'll ensure students keep coming back to your class.

Out in the world take time to hug at least 3 people a day, give a friend a foot rub instead of watching TV, make time for bodywork, and even with a full schedule create space for sensual touch with your beloved.

Cheers to more and more healing touch!