Its no secret that many yoga teachers are also living out their secret fantasy of being a DJ through their music selection in a yoga class.

Creating playlists (for sample playlists you can listen to online join Danny Arguetty on iTunes Ping) is one of my favorite activities as it requires me to choose music that will support my intention, theme and students. Tunes can help craft the mood whether it be high energy, silly, heart opening, mellow, or relaxing.

Here are a few guidelines I utilize around creating playlists:

1. Match the segment of the class to the energy of the music. Calm for centering, upbeat for warm ups, upbeat/grounded for the peak of class, mellow for cool down etc.

2. For the most part no spoken word songs as those tend to compete with my voice and the mental attention of my students. Sanskrit or foreign language tracks are exempt. If I do use spoken words in english they are towards the end of practice and have a heartfelt component to them.

3. If switching between tracks that haven't finished fade out the music before clicking to the next song. It is super jarring for the nervous system to switch mid stream to another song.

4. Every so often I challenge myself and my students by leading a class with no music. A very fruitful inquiry.

5. Have fun!

The magic of music is that it is not limited to my practice on the mat. I love putting on a loud dance song to shake up my mood while working from home, or a soft song to help open my heart and shed a tear when I am holding space for my sadness, or a phenomenally intelligent piece of classical music to remember the majesty of the human mind.

Here are a few tunes to experiment with :)

Warm Up


Shake It

Classical Wow

Heart Opening