My mom is visiting from Israel, mostly staying in Los Angeles, but over this weekend her my sister, brother-in-law and nephew came down to San Diego. As usual when on holiday going out to eat becomes a primary activity.

As I savored delicious authentic Italian spinach ricotta ravioli, my eye caught sight of a pretty emblem sitting atop the tablecloth. I pointed it out to my mom and she proceeded to share that this emblem was hers and was in reality a table purse hook.


I loved it. I thought what an ingenious idea, so simple, useful and creative.

I feel like there are many items out on the market that are absolutely ridiculous and I'll be blunt, I feel like folks don't deserve to be making $ selling these products. Take for example the Tiddy Bear, Slumber Sleeve, and Comfort Wipe (yes this last one is for your ass) to name a few.


At least they all made me have a good laugh.

On the other hand I feel like there are many inventions where I whole heartily feel like the person or people that created it deserve all the millions or billons the are getting.

Here are a few of my favorites in addition to the purse table hook.

-As pictured above the slow landing toilet seat. Genius! A crashing toilet seat is one of the most agitating sounds on the planet.

-EZ Pass. As much as I love saying hi to toll booth people the EZ Pass makes toll booth traffic an annoyance from the past.


-The iPhone. Whether you are a fan of Apple or not, the iPhone ushered in a whole new era of what now is the commonly known smart phone. I give credit to Apple for making it work but the idea came from Star Trek. Give credit where credit is due.


-Shazzam. Another genius invention. It listens to music playing and then tells you the track title, artists and album.


-This one might be on the borderline but I had to throw it in. I suck at flipping pancakes. This makes life easy.


Do you have any ingenius items that deserve a gold medal?