When I teach workshops I am always surprised by the low number of hands raised when I ask how many people journal on a regular basis. 
Although my practice of writing down my thoughts takes vacation every once in a while, I always find myself  returning to this potent tool.
Without needing to know the science, the bottom line is I feel better after I journal, but luckily just in case you are not sold, research has been done to prove my point.
Scientists believe that when we jot down our stressful thoughts about the day or a specific aliment, it actually strengthens our immune cells by reliving the build up of distress.
Journaling has also been shown to help solve conflicts with others, know our inner workings better, cope with anxiety and depression and solve problems with greater ease.  
While its important to have time for catharsis, journalling can also be a wonderful platform to both acknowledge what we are grateful for, to affirm our own self worth and direct energy towards a specific goal.
I am grateful for..., I am enough, I am beautiful, I am creative, I am resourceful, I am connected, I am valued, I am loved are just a few of the phrases I regularly write down.
In addition to our own wellbeing a journal is a great place to offer blessing and support to family, friends, the planet, and people or animals struggling around the world. 
While words are very potent many people journal through simple stick figures or more elaborate drawing. The sky is the limit. 
With any new habit start small. Make a commitment to journal 2x a week for a whole month. Slowly build to 3-4 times a week. 
The morning right after you wake or in the evening before you go to sleep are often potent times to put pen to paper. 
Dive in and notice the power available through the simple act of journalling.