When its cold out I love to make soup.

Mushroom-potato, sweet potato-parsnip-carrot, or my favorite sweet onion.

In general, after I cook I clean my pots and pans but there have been times where I was too tired and I make the choice to clean the following day.

When this has occurred I have noticed two possible scenarios:

  • In the first, I leave my pot unclean but I fill it part way with water to sit overnight.
  • In the second, I leave my pot unclean without any water.

Inevitably, over and over again when I choose scenario two I find myself the next morning scrubbing with much more effort and thinking to myself why didn’t I presoak.

Beyond the kitchen I wonder where else in my life could I take one more little effortless step in a process, that would  yield an enormous amount of return.

A simple pre-soak and cleaning becomes seamless.

So much wisdom from one medium sized stainless steel pot.