Yesterday I checked in with a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while and as often happens we inquired about dating, love, and sex.

Although it is commonly deemed taboo to talk about sex, masturbation, or genital health there are many reasons to explore our sexual selves.

Yoga invites into the conversation of building relationship with every part of our being, so why is it that this conversation is often closeted.

Our Western culture is so odd. On one hand the media is obsessed with sexual appeal and on the other hand it is not proper to talk about your sexual desires or happenings in a deep an authentic way.

As always seems to be true food and lifestyle choices can have a deep impact on our sexual longevity and reproductive health. So why not cultivate sensuality, passion, and sexuality from the inside out as well as the outside in.


The benefits of love making are plenty the biggest one being the need and healing possibility of touch. In addition sexual play increases oxygen to the cells, lowers blood pressure, brings 20% more blood flow to the heart, and is a natural stress reliever.

If you are flying solo for a while benefits are also abound. In some studies men showed increased immunity and prostate health while women demonstrated higher resistance to yeast infections, a reduction in menstrual discomfort and reduced low back pain.

Furthermore, masturbation has been shown to aid in sleep, release endorphins, and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which come in handy when you are back in the bedroom for a tango.

For some techniques visit jackinworld & masturbation passion


Keeping the genitals in healthy shape is an important focus for both sexual pleasure and longevity. Erectile dysfunction for men is linked to high blood pressure, diabetes lack of movement, and low quality eating.

Foods that can support men include an alkaline whole foods diet, watermelon juice, garlic, coconut water, papaya (for added blood flow) and zinc loaded foods.

On the herb side saw palmetto, ashwaganda, ginseng, and gingko can all give the system a bit of a boost.

For women frigidity can occur from psychological blocks, dissatisfaction with intercourse, and lack of foreplay. Step into your truth, talk to your partner, and/or go see a sex therapist to get your needs met.

Foods that enhance the female libido include chives, figs, avocados, fish oil, and B complex packed foods.

Herbal solutions include shitavari, wild yam, damiana, and maca root.

*always read up on herbal supplements, consult with a qualified health practitioner before embarking on your own inquiry.


To rev up the libido invite in asparagus, chocolate, red wine (one glass, two will do the opposite), strawberries, cherries, and whip cream.

Scent up with jasmine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rose, and vanilla.

Spice it up with saffron, cloves and nutmeg.

In the color realms a study from the University of Rochester showed the men and women gravitated towards red, while orange is associated with the 2nd chakra of sensuality from yoga's teachings.

Finally from lubrication, foreplay games, conscious touch workshops, to sex toys there are many augments to add to the rich experience of love making.

But don't forget your health! Chemicals in conventional lube have been linked to cancer.

Many sex toys use phthalates which make them soft but when leached into the body create hormone disruptions and organ damage.

Choose stainless steel, glass, or toxic free plastic toys, or lubes made of aloe, coconut, or other chemical free options.

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