Over the last several months i've been on a dental journey which has included a sinus infection, sedation, rubber dams in my mouth, loud drilling sounds and an ample amount of pain. 

While it hasn't been amazing fun I don't regret embarking on this journey of removing my mercury fillings. 

My body has endured 20 long years of small, consistent, and potent mercury exposure which I can't imagine has been stellar for my health. 

I'm excited to see if after a full detox (more details in my next post), I notice a difference. 

While I've always known mercury is not amazing, as I am getting metal removed from my mouth I figured its time to dive in deep. 

To begin its important to note that even if you don't have these ancient fillings you're still not in the clear.

Mercury exposure is everywhere! 

The top 3 sources of mercury are:

  1. Residue from burning coal 
  2. Fish (especially King Mackerel, MarlinOrange RoughySharkSwordfishTilefish, Bigeye/Ahi Tuna)
  3. Mercury amalgam fillings

What scary about this metallic substance is that it accumulates in fatty tissue and sorry for further bad news but our brain is 60% fatty tissue. 

 This is one of the reasons why Dr. Mark Hyman believes mercury contributes to, exasperates, or even causes muscle pain, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, obesity, dementia, hair loss, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid problems,  cancer, heart failure, heart disease, and autism--in one study mothers of autistic kids had a higher percentage of amalgams than mothers of healthy kids. 
In addition, back in the 1990s thimerosol a form of mercury was being used in infant vaccinations. In CA there was a 900% increase of autism rates. In 1999 this toxic substance was removed and in 2004 new stats showed a welcomed decrease in autism.
Luckily today most vaccines are administered without thimerosol, but its always good to check what is happening in your state.  
A few other important takeaways about mercury:
  • Mercury binds to sulfur-containing molecules in the body which are very common place in nearly every enzyme. 
  • It can take up to 18 years for mercury to leave the body through urine, feces, or sweat.
  • Some people are genetically better at detoxifying heavy metals. Those who are not are more prone to toxicity.
  • When toxicity is extremely high people experience foggy brain, chronic fatigue, headaches, reduced sexual desire, tunnel vision, impaired hearing, disturbed balance, nausea, GI distress and depression.
  • Getting tested for mercury through blood levels or hair samples doesn't provide accurate results of how much heavy metal residue is being stored in your fat tissue. A DMSA or DMPS test can provide better results but MUST be done with medical supervision.  In addition, a Mercury Speciation test can be effective to determine the various sources of mercury in your system. 
  • If you want more in depth info and data read this

With the reality of mercury is all around us it is vital to take action.

  1. Support renewable energy to decrease coal burning and ensure greater access to clean air and keep track of air quality in your city. 
  2. Make smarter choices around fish consumption. 
  3. Remove amalgam fillings with the aid of a holistic/biological dentist (conventional dentist don't take necessary precessions to reduce your mercury exposure during removal)

Once you've lowered your exposure its time to detox the mercury out of your system. More on this soon.