As a gay man there are some things I never new existed and thankfully gay culture has been kind enough to educate; enter manscaping. 
Today in our metrosexual world it no longer matters if your gay or straight. Grooming hair below the neck has become something of a necessity. Many men report that sex is more enjoyable when things are groomed and many women (and many men alike) tend to appreciate less hair for oral sex.  
It seems only fair,  women have been making an effort for a long time to be presentable, why shouldn't men be held to the same standard?
In my own journey I have been grooming on my own for years but when I moved to San Diego I decided to see if there is anyone who could help me out. I asked my hair stylist if he knew anyone who was a professional manscaper.   
He did, and a few days later I made an appointment.
All I can say is that going to someone to clean it all up is the best $20 I spend every month. Professional, clean, easy, quick, and especially on the backside no more mirrors and contorted angles--although yoga has been helpful with that over the years. 
If you or a man friend is wondering where to find professional help check out yelp, yep even they have a section on manscaping to help you find a friendly service in your city. 
From nose hair, armpit hair, back hair, chest hair, to pubic hair there are options like waxing, tweezing, threading, shaving, and the electric trimmer. Not all can be used in all places so make sure to read up on Do's and Don'ts if you're manscaping on your own. 
The reality of being human in the western world, at times it perplexes me, and at times it simply makes me smile!