One of the most impactful elements that I have noticed in educating others about yoga is the relationship between the feminine and masculine. Whether you are a man or a women we are all composed of these two complementary polarities and looking at which one you feel more comfortable with can illuminate places of potential growth.
In the past several teacher trainings I have led it has been a true gift to watch several of the women in the group who had lost touch with their softer side step back into the conversation of the feminine. Wearing a dress, putting on some makeup, making time to get a massage, listening more, letting others decide, buying flowers or taking time out to spend with friends and not accomplish. 
It was an energetic shift that could be felt in the way that they carried themselves or conversed. Especially in our get it done, success based culture so many more women are armoring in order to protect themselves in a dog-eat-dog world. 
On the other end of the spectrum I recently offered a teacher feedback on the way she carried herself in the classroom while teaching. Her movement was a overly expansive, soft, and made her seem less empowered. Her exploration was to get a bit more fierce, to go kick boxing and fire up the more assertive and fiery part of her being. 
The key is that we tend to default to the part of ourselves that we are most familiar with, but what if by not exploring the other facet of our being we are actually creating more limitation?
Think to yourself where do you gravitate towards in your life? Would you characterize your existence more driven by the feminine or masculine? Are you pretty literate with both or is one dominating? 
Commit to 3 concrete action based inquiries to cultivate the flavor lacking in your existence for 2 weeks and see what unfolds!