My friend Steven Leonard is leading his first program at Kripalu on meditation. I am so proud of him and genuinely love his take on a topic that is sometimes presented in what I would label a very one sided outdated manner.
Here are his words of wisdom on meditation.  

Life is a happening. Meditation is a happening, and you are a happening. Life is meditation, and you are life. Meditation is a dance between you and life. It is a rhythm of body, of breath, of nature, of emotion, of infinite space, and everything in between. It is an unfolding of what you are, what you came from, and what you are becoming.

Within this natural unfolding, desire and action happen too, and must not be excluded. In fact, nothing can be excluded. Action is to be aware, listen, look, feel, and remain an open window to the weather outside, and inside your-self. Feeling the pulse of any given moment, a meditative awareness allows a response that needs no comparing or fixing, but a fluid movement of intuition and sincerity.

The point is not to create some ambition, or achieve a particular experience outside your-self. The point, paradoxically, is to recognize more of what you already are, unique, infinite, whole, interconnected, and always changing.

Look around; the Earth is in a flow of meditation with the Sun, and the Moon with the Earth. A river is constantly in a state of meditation, moving, responding to gravity, and from beginning to end there is a balance of coming, going, and being. Meditation can run throughout your every day life, and allow you to find a dynamic relationship of your inside and outside world.

Meditation is experiencing life beyond the small, neurotic mind, but that does not mean it is separate. Again, nothing can be excluded.

The human mind is an amazing and complex system that filters raw, undivided information from the senses into digestible experiences, which usually have a particular context; friend, enemy, food, sunshine, music, money, pleasure, pain, good, bad, etc. Mind is “who” we are, the persona, the story, the beliefs, the judgments, the gathering of knowledge and memory. To have a tense mind is to constantly be comparing and preferring one part of reality to another.

Mind is brilliant and unique, and necessary, but like anything else, should not hold the reigns one hundred percent of the time. Awareness contains everything. It is “what” you are. Awareness is all-inclusive, all encompassing, interconnected, organic, and infinite. Awareness is always present. It holds the mind, with all its waves, within the blanket of universality, cooperation, creativity, and transformation.

Meditation is living in awareness, which includes the waves of the mind; sensations, thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, emptiness, insight, awakening, boredom, depression, sexuality, anxiety, anger, and excitement. If awareness were the sky, mind would be the weather. There can certainly be clouds and rain and thunder, and sunshine, but the sky is always there, holding everything.