On my flight back from Mexico I had two lovely young college age ladies sit next to me. One of the first things they did when they sat down was look at the in-flight food menu.

It was a good nudge back to reality when the two became very excited about the cheeseburgers being served that day.

Luckily I don't get grossed out by the smell of meat so I didn't throw up when the two unwrapped their hockey puck patties with an odd looking blob of yellow I assume was once cheese.

The even scarier news was at my row, number 18, the flight attendants were voicing concern as only 4 cheeseburgers where left with half the plane yet to be served.

There are many thoughts and dogmas on eating meat or not eating meat, but the reality is that many people would probably at least go for higher quality if they where empowered with he real clear facts.

Conventional meat has zero life energy.

Its mostly corn and soy.

The animals where never treated with any respect.

And as EWG clearly shows, your chances of consuming antibiotic resistent bacteria are real and true.

Spread the word to the meat eaters in your life and have them meet their meat.