One of my favorite meals is super quick and very very tasty.

A cup of quinoa is cooking on the stove. Meanwhile beets are separated from their greens, washed, and the top part (if gray) is peeled (that is what makes beets bitter).

The knife comes out to play and begins to chop gracefully being mindful not to splash red beet liquid all around. A few cloves of garlic and 1/2 an onion diced decide to join. All of these lovelies end up swimming in 3tbs of olive oil, sea salt, and pepper inside the surface of our dear friend baking pan (ideally glass or use a cast iron skillet).

At 450 degrees they go in to bake, half way through they boogie and dance with the support of your wooden spoon stirring them around.

The quinoa is done, comes out into a bowl, is covered to stay warm. The beet greens chopped, jump into a pot of boiling water, sea salt drizzles down to keep their green vibrancy intact. 2 min later the heat disappears, the greens steam to perfection.

30 min in the beets are soft and slightly crispy.

Everyone comes to the party in a mixing bowl and sprinkles of goat cheese rain down.

Two lovely beings sit down to savor the fresh flavors and fill their bellies. Additional olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, or added sea salt/pepper might visit. Enjoy!