I was parked outside of a friend's house when I saw this sticker on a car.
As life would have it as I sat down for tea with my friend he offered me a splash of milk in my rooibos chai.
I said yes only because Chai with milk is so much better and the reality is that milk doesn't really visit my life too often, and for pretty good reason.  
While I still consume dairy in the form of Grass Fed Raw Cheese and at times Grass Fed Yogurt, my personal experience with milk has always been consistent. Milk = Gas = No Fun. 
Lets face it, Cow's Milk in particular is intended to take a baby calf and help it grow eight times its original size. But even if you drink 2% or 1% problems are still abound:
  • Most cows are kept indoors, don't have access to fresh grass, are given antibiotics, and are fed a diet high is soy and corn.
  • The result is overly acidic milk, heavy in  Omega 6's, devoid of any real nutrition, which creates more inflammation in the body. 
  • Furthermore, if your body is more acidic the bones LEACH  calcium to return you to alkalinity. This is the reason Western nations have a skyrocketing rate of osteoporosis compared to developing countries. 
  • Conventional dairy production is extremely dirty with blood, pus, and e.coli entering the milk. It is heated and pasteurized to eliminate any potential danger, but who wants that in their milk? 
  • Factory farms are one of the largest contributors to green house gas and global warming, more cows = more trapped heat in the atmosphere.
  • Conventional farms abuse cows, every dollar supporting conventional dairy ensures animals are treated as pure commodities. This video is GRAPHIC but it is also the reality of what is happening. 
  • Many people believe that dairy is the only source of calcium. In reality the whole food kingdom has so many more options from leafy greens, some legumes, sesame, sardines, and salmon.   
These are just a few points on how overconsumption of  conventional milk/dairy can create problems.
At the same time lets be real you will still catch me sipping a warm hot coco with real organic grass fed raw milk when the weather is chilly. But in the day to day, Milk and I have broken up.