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Last night I had a glass of wine and sweet conversation with a dear friend. When I was heading to my car I noticed the gorgeous full moon. Bright, shining, full of vitality. 
As I came home and crawled into bed I thought to myself it is time to once again dedicate my intention and heart to calling intimate love into my life.
I composed a mindmap of what it is I want in a relationship with my beloved. I used the NVC list of needs to connect to the essence of what I want. Affection, closeness, intimacy, fun, play, closeness, to be seen, adventure, discovery, and aliveness, to name a few.
Every time I read these words I feel hope and possibility. I am so grateful to have these words to guide me in tapping into the true core of what I want to build and invite in.
This morning after doing some research online I found this amazing resource an NVC wheel of needs, and with color too. Thank you Bret Stein for putting these out in the world.
Click Here to DownLoad NVCNeeds Wheel  & NVCFeelingsWheel