I have had two meals recently that have been prepared with great care and love. Everything else on the menu was fabulous, tasty, rich with delectable flavor but the fish was overly dry and chewy.
So what is the secret to cooking fish in a way that makes the taste buds dance with delight? 
  • Fish is better cooked at higher heat for a shorter amount of time
  • In general cook fish for 10min for each inch of thickness or 10 minutes per pound of fish
  • Getting a piece of fish with the skin still on one side will help retain more moisture 
  • Fish is ready when at the thickest part the translucency is almost gone
  • With residual heat fish will continue to cook for a few minutes once you take it out of the oven, so don't wait too long 
  • If you are grilling  pick more dense fish like salmon or tune as they will hold up better with the high heat and dry less quickly
  • If you've never tried to poach your fish give it a go, its the best way to ensure the fish stays moist and tender (click here for a delicious poached halibut recipe)

With these tips in mind let there be no more chewy dry fish in any place and in any time!