gross perfume

On my trip to Israel I went on several neighborhood walks with my mom. It was a wonderful ritual to spend time with her for about 45min, chat, breathe in fresh air, and spend time with the sun.

Although her neighborhood is not overly crowded on several occasions we would pass other people. Now I know that some people in my life have complained thatI smell like an Indian spice cabinet, but I choose to believe its not as overpowering as synthetic smells.

The fragrances coming off from the people we passed literally felt like an attack. I wanted to hand them a pink slip and let them know the air we breathe is shared and not exclusively owned by them.

As usual, most common perfumes used to upgrade sex appeal and image use toxic chemicals that embed into the body's sensitive tissues. For more info on perfume and cologne toxicity click here. Why not just stick to essential oils of the past? Chemical free, but still don't go overboard with the scent.

So next time you dash on a little bit of pretty, pause and contemplate whether its a good idea for your health and the clean fragrance free air of others.