The other day I came back from a run, hadn't shaven my face for days, and felt a bit rough around the edges. 

In that moment something sweet unfolded, I felt like I stepped into a seamless meditation of pampering for the next thirty-five minutes. 

Shower, shave, aftershave cleaning soap with an exfoliating pad, a rejuvenating mask, and then an amazing face lotion infused with revitalizing herbs. 

When I finished up I was amazed how wonderful I felt.

To take time out to simply pamper seems so important, yet so underutilized between being busy or watching TV. 

We take time out in our culture to maintain and care for others, our physical objects, but the body is often remembered last. 

Where and when can you carve out a short amount of time to pamper every week or at least every other week?

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