I am not sure why I have always been fascinated with the realm of my mind. Perhaps it is because it houses seeds of creativity that open the doors to possibility, for what might unfold, or because it allows me a place to contemplate, reflect, and ponder how I am showing up in the world.

In this way of loving to churn concepts, thoughts, and ideas I am drawn to philosophy as a platform for taking ideas further and questioning how life functions.

Yet it wasn’t until I started to take on and practice the Philosophies of Yoga that I truly began to understand the meaning of this seemingly obvious word.

Philosophy after all is the love of wisdom, loving (philos) and wisdom (sophia).

But what is this love of wisdom all about and why are so many people seeking more of it in our modern age of great advancement?

It seems that in past times humans used to gather around the fire, tell myths, contemplate the ground below and the stars above. We gathered in council for deeper contemplation, to converse and to tap into the current of wisdom always present in the background.

Today with busy lifestyles, consumerism, and popular TV shows that serve as an odd thread of seeming connection, many walk around unfulfilled never pondering much of anything.

Eventually some feel a hunger, and are driven by a desire to wake up, to ask questions, to look less and see more, to remember internal wisdom and welcome the intelligence of nature back into their lives.

While all philosophies have much to offer as a road map of contemplation, what I cherish most about the yoga tradition is its invitation to step into real life experimentation.

It is not a philosophy simply composed of discussion, but a love of wisdom that is cultivated by taking teachings and mapping them back against the landscape of our own lives.

A philosophy in action that provides signs on the path but doesn’t offer concrete answers to all of our queries.

From compassion, truth, contentment, community, energy management, and dedication to receptivity, skillfulness in action, alignment, connection, intelligence, abundance, and pulsation the themes yoga’s love of wisdom can serve as a direct conduit to rediscovering the forgotten facets of who we are and how we can choose to show up in the world day in and day out. 

A love of wisdom accessible at any moment from a place of knowing. A gift. Our birthright.